Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Real Reason Tom Curise Hasn't Seen Suri?

Insiders claim the real reason Tom Cruise hasn't seen his daughter Suri in months is because she and Katie Holmes are no longer Scientologist.

TMZ has an article up that says Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise don’t speak to each other and they use an intermediary to discuss all things about Suri Cruise. TMZ says it is mutual dislike. I’m sure they do dislike each other. They miss the point though about why the pair don’t speak directly to each other about Suri and why they have not spoken directly to each other since they split. If TMZ would do a little checking they would notice that Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise have not spoken to each other directly since they split either. Interesting. Reason? Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman are no longer Scientologists. They are SP. Suppressed Persons. Tom is not allowed to talk to them. No other Scientologists in the same position would be allowed to talk to their exes or even see their kids. With Nicole and that divorce, Tom got the kids so it was Nicole who never got to speak to them. With his divorce to Katie, it is Katie who has custody so really, Tom should not be talking to Suri either. With so many families split because of this, there would be a whole lot of hatred if Tom was able to do something they were not. So, how many times has Tom seen Suri since they split? In person where some random Scientologist would see it in the tabloids? Not very many. A couple maybe. TMZ does an injustice when they write an article like this. They need to tell the real reason. Oh, and when they say that Tom will be in LA soon and will see Suri, I won’t hold my breath. He has been filming in London for years now. He had chances to fly to LA or have Suri flown to London. He does have a private jet after all. Nothing like that has happened.
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Anonymous said...

Katie saved herself and her daughter from that evil cult. She don't give a damn about that crazy ex, she is glad to be rid of him. I'm sure Katie is very happy that fool can't speak directly to her or her daughter.

NBA is fixed said...

Can't wait to see the Scientology documentary on HBO.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Jaime foxx a scientologicalist?

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