Thursday, April 30, 2015

Alec Turns His Back on Ireland?

Alec Baldwin turns his back on daughter Ireland while she battles her demons in rehab.

Model IRELAND BALDWIN is mostly famous for flaunting her expensive lifestyle courtesy of having two of the world’s most famous parents – but, despite that, the 19-year-old bisexual beauty is now being treated in rehab for “emotional trauma!”
The troubled daughter of Alec Baldwin and KimBasinger – a pawn in their bitter 2002 divorce – remains “emotionally scarred” from the custody battle that began when she was only 5 years old, a family source told The National ENQUIRER.
“Ireland remains at wit’s end over her father’s behavior,” revealed a source.
In an infamous 2007 rant, the “30 Rock” star was caught on tape blasting Ireland, then aged 11, because she did not answer the phone.
During the call, Alec ranted: “You are a rude, thoughtless little pig. You don’t have the brains or the decency as a human being!”
According to a source: “Kim has been at Ireland’s rehab center almost every day since she checked in, but sadly, Alec wasn’t seen there.”
Confirming she’d checked into SOBA Recovery Center, a drug and alcohol treatment facility in Malibu that specializes in psychological disorders and addiction, Ireland took to Twitter to tell fans that she needed “intensive therapy” to “recover.”
“Someday I’ll feel ready to share my story,” she wrote.
While her parents insist Ireland isn’t battling substance abuse problems, the website RadarOnline quoted a source that said “substance abuse and partying” was “partially to blame for her mental and physical breakdown.”
Said a source: “She was not a hard drug user, but she did drown her feelings in the same way so many other people do. This went on for a couple of months and during that time, she shut everyone out, including her family.”
Ireland was also struggling with issues since her split with girlfriend, rapper Angel Haze.
Jacked from The National Enquirer  


Anonymous said...

i'm sorry but what 'demons' could this chick possibly have? whatever she does for a career can't be so demanding that she needs to drown her sorrows in booze and pills. or maybe she was just bored being a rich celebrity spawn. i dunno.

WTF???!!!!! said...

SPOILED.....that's her problem

Anonymous said...

We know for a fact she exposed to verbal abuse by her father. Everybody with ears heard that voicemail, then hollyweird has major pervs. These things will lead to substance abuse and demons. I hope she comes out on top.

Being a useless, talentless, trustfund famewhore will cause emotional trauma said...

@9:15 AM
Bitch please, one recording of a father yelling at this thoughtless spoiled ass celebrity kid, fuck her useless no talent, spending her daddies hard earned cash, no wonder his ass so angry no telling how much fuckery he put up with them racist ass jews to get jobs, only to have his useless spawn spend his money and being a fame whore, I guess its real hard being a fame whore and having to enter rehab, you know who got it hard poor fucking kids in Haiti, Africa,Jamaica, Mexico and any other country where abject poverty is the gold standard of living. fuck this spoiled ass celebrity spawn and her "emotional turmoil" I swear I hate these rich useless trust fund kids, her father need to cut her ass off and make that useless bloated pale faced hoe work for a living, bitch probably using rehab to create a buzz in her zlist ass.

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