Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Former Disney Exec Suing Child Molestation Accuser

Former Disney Exec David Neuman suing Michael Egan for defamation and malicious prosecution for accusing him of molesting him during his teen years.

David Neuman alleges malicious prosecution and defamation, among other charges.
Former Disney executive David Neuman has struck back at his accuser Michael Egan, as well as Jeffrey Herman, Egan’s former lawyer.
In a complaint filed Monday, Neuman, who had been sued by Egan for alleged sexual abuse, accuses Egan and Herman of hatching “a despicable scheme to enrich themselves by inventing and then litigating totally false claims which they would then use to extort settlement payments.”
The complaint goes on to allege that Egan and Herman “expected that rather than fight these vicious and provably false clams, Mr. Neuman would simply choose to pay defendants a sum of money to settle the claims and end the litigation.” Neuman says that the pair planned to target other gay men in the entertainment industry to “intimidate and extort fraudulent settlements” from them “by threatening to ruin their lives forever” with false accusations of sexual abuse.
Neuman is being represented in Patricia Glaser and John Dwyer in the matter.
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