Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hackers Target Kendall Jenner

Hackers target Kendall Jenner's Twitter account leaving obscene messages about her father Bruce Jenner's sex change.

Kendall Jenner’s Twitter was hacked on Tuesday. The hacker or hackers tweeted three times from the account belonging to the reality TV star and model before Jenner apparently regained control. The messages referenced Jenner performing a sex act onJustin Bieber, mockingly fake-confirmed Bruce Jenner’s rumored sex change, and then directed people to follow the hackers or “Jenner” would “go bulimic again.” See a screenshot of the since-deleted tweets below.
As indicated in the tweets, the hackers seem to identify themselves as @ThyClerk and @F*ckCynical. Shortly before the hacking, the first account wrote, “You guys ready for this? ima get suspended yolo n*gga.” The second person tweeted, “The Kardashian’s think they’re gods. But whats a God to an atheist?” Both accounts have now been suspended. After that came the hacked Twitter messages. The first one read, “Just got down slobbing on @justinbieber’s nob #SloppyToppy #KKK.” The second tweet read, “My dad got the sex change, he’s officially a woman now, we can finally have lesbian sex #sweg Confirmed from @ThyClerk and @f*ckcynical.” And the last message read, “Follow @ThyClerk and @f*ckcynical or I’m go bulimic again bruh.” See the screenshot below. Jenner eventually regained control of her account and deleted the offending tweets.
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