Thursday, April 16, 2015

Harvey Keitel Humiliates Wife on the Red Carpet

Actor Harvey Keitel screams on his wife on the red carpet for trying to answer a question for him.
Harvey Keitel proved how short his fuse was during a Film Festival event Tuesday night.
The actor and his wife, Daphna Kastner, got in a huge argument during the Annual Vanity Fair Party to celebrate the Tribeca Film Festival after she tried to speak up.
An eyewitness told Confidenti@l that the Brooklyn-born "Pulp Fiction" star, 75, blew up on his wife after she answered question for him to reporters that were directed at him on the red carpet.
It was, "very scary in that controlled, Harvey Keitel way, you could tell he was pissed,” the witnesses added “One person said she saw a tear in her eye."
The actor grabbed her arm and yanked her away telling her off in front of everyone the witness explained.
Jacked from The Daily News

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