Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ireland Baldwin Extends Rehab Stay

Ireland Baldwin has elected to extend her rehab stay for treatment of "emotional trauma."

Ireland Baldwin is no Scott Disick! The blonde model had planned to leave Soba Recovery Center in Malibu, Calif., this week after roughly ten days of treatment, but an insider tells RadarOnline.com that her stay “has been extended.”
Baldwin, who checked into the treatment center on April 10 to deal with “emotional trauma,” started talking about leaving late last week, according to the source.
“Ireland said that she only came to Soba to ‘clear her head’ and that she was ‘over the pain,'” the insider tells Radar.
“But almost everyone in there, from her counselors, to other patients, to the director and all of her peers told her that she should stay for at least 30 days, because two weeks is not nearly enough time to heal from all of the sh*t she was going through.”
According to the source, “Her mother Kim has been in there almost every single day and she has continued to support her daughter.”
“Kim is on board with Ireland staying longer and was also trying to convince her to stay put past this week.” This morning, Baldwin took to her Twitter account to say “frozen hearts growing colder with time.” But the source said that, for Baldwin, the ice has slowly started to melt away.
frozen hearts growing colder with time
— Ireland (@irelandbaldwin) April 20, 2015
“She is doing really well in there and is finally opening up to people,” the source adds. “She has dropped the ‘I am famous’ thing and is acting like a person who is ready to be helped rather than a defiant celebrity.”
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Anonymous said...

*making a face* 'emotional trauma' from WHAT??? being a spoiled celebrity spawn? this probably an attention grab to get people feeling sorry for her and give her acting/modeling jobs out of pity, since no one seemed to care about her and that rapper chick dating.

Anonymous said...

Great News !!! May God be with her on her journey for peace . Emotional trauma is literally physically painful .. you can only ignore it for so long.. I know she has it all together..and this will make her an even stronger person .. kudos to her my for being there for her .. cant wait to see what she does with her new found peace of mind ......

WTF???!!!!! said...

This broad is an attention whore. She lacks the beauty of her mother, has zero talent and does shit to keep her ass in the media. Best pic of her I've seen...she must've had a touch up on the dye job and used a filter to soften that hard face.

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