Thursday, April 30, 2015

John Travolta Kelly Preston Sex Secrets Revealed

A new tell-all book plans to rip the lid off John Travolta and Kelly Preston's sex life.

The secrets behind John Travolta’s “fake” marriage to Kelly Preston will be revealed in a shocking new tell-all! The book, Kelly Preston Unscripted, will expose the truth behind the high-profile Scientology couple’s 23-year marriage, according to author Robert Randolph, who claimed John was a gay sex addict in his book, You’ll Never Spa in This Town Again.
Randolph told The National ENQUIRER: “In the beginning, I was under the spell that maybe Kelly was the innocent one in the marriage. But that may not be true.”
“I have heard things about her from people I’ve interviewed who claim she’s hiding her own sex secrets,” added Randolph.
The author added of his tell-all covering Preston, 52, and 61-year-old Travolta: “The new book will dig into whether Kelly and John have a ‘fake marriage’ to fool his fans.”
But that’s not all, promises Randolph. “I’m also checking out rumors that Kelly boozes and pops pills, and that both she and John once both shared the same sexual partner!”
Jacked from Radar Online


Anonymous said...

But will anyone care? I'm old enough to remember when John had his comeback with "Pulp Fiction", but I doubt anyone in this day and age will give a shit. This book should've come out at least 10 years ago, back when it would've been somewhat "shocking".

Anonymous said...

they both look gay

ThatBKChick said...

I just threw up in my mouth. Who planted this story? The church?...We all know John loves the long stroke of the pipe....SMDH!

WTF???!!!!! said...

Scientology put these weirdos together years ago, to squash Travolta's gay rumors. She's bi and it's been circulating for awhile, that she wore a fake belly during her so-called pregnancy. Beyonce probably got the idea from her LOL! These people are fake as hell.

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