Friday, April 17, 2015

Kendall Jenner Refuses to Address Bruce Jenner Transition

Kendall Jenner refuses acknowledge Bruce Jenner in her GQ Magazine interview.

Kendall Jenner is finally addressing rumors of Bruce Jenner’s gender transition … well, kind of.
The model opened up about headlines surrounding her famous fathers change of life in her May cover story for GQ, stating that all of the media coverage “is bulls***.”
When asked if she feels upset about all the negative stories about her dad in the press, Kendall responded, “That is not for me to answer.”
“That’s why this life is different,” she continued. “That’s why this life isn’t normal.”
Looking back on her childhood growing up in the spotlight, Jenner recalls, “My life was always different growing up. I mean, even before the show, my dad was who he is. He’s an Olympic athlete,” she said. “And we were going to premieres, like Finding Nemo premieres, and we would be little kids, like, before the show, walking down the red carpet.”
But what you don’t know won’t hurt you, Jenner admits, revealing she doesn’t know what life is like outside the limelight. “It’s actually really hard for me to think of,” she said of a more private life. “But that day will come, and it’ll be fine.”
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Anonymous said...

Is she capable of ANY facial expressions other than the perpetually blank, dead-eyed stare she gives in ALL of her modeling photos? Did Kris Jenner already start her on botox injections and that's why she can't seem to move any part of her face?

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