Saturday, April 25, 2015

Kendall Jenner Sued for Trashing Party House

Kris Jenner sued after Kendall Jenner's pals trash the house when Kendall held her 19th birthday party.

Kris Jenner allegedly swindled a homeowner who thought he was renting his home to her for a small, demure dinner party, when it was really a wild bash with loud music, a stripper and a hundred hormonal teens.
Gabriel Fedida claims in a new lawsuit Kris and her realtor made a deal to rent the Hollywood Hills house for $10k for a 15 person dinner party. Fedida says to his horror Kris used his home as the backdrop to celebrate Kendall's 19th birthday, with 100 of her closest friends.
Fedida says there was ear-shattering music, general rowdiness and strippers!
When the dust settled, Fedida says there was $101,450 in damage. He says the house is now out of commission, so with lost rent he wants $150k.
We reached out to the Kardashian camp ... so far no word back.
Jacked from TMZ  

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