Monday, April 6, 2015

Kris Jenner Kisses Tyga on Snapchat

Kris Jenner gives daughter Kylie's boyfriend Tyga her seal of approval on video sharing app Snapchat.

It's always a huge step forward when your mama approves of your new boo!
Kylie Jenner posted a Snapchat of dinner with her mom Kris.
Kris then played around wearing shad before giving Tyga a big kiss showing her approval of Kylie's man.
We love how happy Kylie and Tyga seem to be -- and now with her mom's stamp of approval, the two have plenty to celebrate.
Jacked from The Dishh 


Anonymous said...

Tyra better watch out for this Cougar with the weak bladder, she'll end up literally pissing on him with her old azz.

Anonymous said...

He looks so stupid right now! Keep on skinnin and grinnin!

WTF???!!!!! said...

He looks like somebody just gave him a new puppy. It's a cryin shame how "some" black men act so giddy, when white women give them some damn attention. He's on a highway to hell, like those before him. Bruce, Lamar, Kris Humphries etc etc.

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