Saturday, May 30, 2015

Beyonce and Jay Z Fighting Over Tidal Flop

Jay Z and Beyonce fighting like cats and dogs over flop music service Tidal.
Jay Z’s Tidal music service may not be bringing in a tidal wave of cash, but it’s certainly been bringing on fights with Beyonce!
An insider told exclusively that although Bey and Jay are putting on an excellent front while promoting his new music streaming platform, they “are fighting like cats and dogs behind the scenes.”
“Since Tidal flopped, Jay Z has been unbearable towards Beyonce, snapping at her non-stop,” the insider said.
According to our source, Jay has been insisting Beyonce help with the business and push her own affairs to the side to be by his side. But this isn’t a Bonnie and Clyde relationship because Bey took a stand about “his controlling tendencies,” our source said, and “really let him have it.”
“She was fine with it at first, but last week they had a terrible fight after he crammed her calendar with business meetings,” the insider revealed.
Jay took it one step further and reportedly instructed her on the “things she had to say and what she wasn’t allowed to discuss” and he even “laid out exactly what she had to wear” to their engagements.
“It was all too much for Bey,” the insider dished. “Being subservient is one thing…but now she’s telling him there’s a fine line between that and treating her like a dog.”
Jacked from OK Magazine


Anonymous said...

who cares about these two bitches they can kill each other for as i care

NBA is fixed said...

Interesting that Rhymeswithsnitch and Gossipjacker did not publish the story about all of the white people that works at Tidal. Just one of several reasons why we should not subscribe to Tidal. In addition, we should never buy another Jay-Z or Beyoncé album again!

ThatBKChick said...

The reason supposedly why black people aren't working at Tidal is because it's like in the fucking Netherlands or somewhere were blacks aren't really present. He took the company over from a European company. I still ain't buying it! It was poorly marketed, he didn't reach out to the black community, media sources, blogs, BET, MTV, Diddy's Channel Revolt or other media ads he could've brought on the Internet.

This goes to show how vain Jay is. He simply thought that the Beehive and minons who worship Beyonce and him would be enough to kickstart Tidal......Why else would a giant media company do this with out a marketing campaign? If I was Beyonce, although I do not like her, I'd be pissed too.
I remember when Jay was going to make money off of the 98% tee-shirts, before he got blasted for doing this....everything he's touched lately turns to shit starting with the Brooklyn Nets onwards have been garbage, his sports agency RocNation, etc......SMDH!

NBA is fixed said...

Forget about Jay-Z and Beyoncé, my money and my business is going to Spotify!

Anonymous said...

@1:04PM you said it all as if you have some inside knowledge or your a bright person who see thru BS, keep up the good work you've enlighten us all

Anonymous said...

Jay is a shareholder, not an owner as he likes you to believe. A Japanese group owns the company and Jay is their middleman (which is his role in business). No shade here because every corporations have middlemen. He probably fears them selling the parent company and then he has lost everything. He appears to be quite envious of Dr. Dre and his billions but that's water under the bridge. It should not drive his business sense because it will destroy him.

I doubt Beyonce is standing up to his controlling ways, as he has been controlling her for years. She is simply a doormat and look at her career today - null & void. Too late Bey to stand up to him now but you do have a DAUGHTER to model for,

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