Thursday, May 28, 2015

Britney Spears Disappointed with Iggy Azaela Collab

Pop star Britney Spears regrets doing a song with rapper Iggy Azaela.

Britney Spears appeared to have a major hit on her hands when she announced she would be collaborating with Iggy Azalea on her new track “Pretty Girls.” But just a few weeks after the release of the single and its video, a source has revealed that Spears is frustrated with the track's lackluster performance on the charts and is now questioning her decision to collaborate with Azalea.
“Britney is furious about how the single has been received,” says a source. “Some people warned her that it was a bad idea to work with Iggy, and now she wishes she had listened to them.”
Spears and Azalea were all smiles while shooting the track’s visuals in Los Angeles, California, back in April. And they even hit the stage at the Billboard Music Awards 2015 to hopefully push the single along, the source added.
But their efforts were unfortunately in vain, seeing that the song failed to make any major leap on the charts.
“It’s become obvious that it’s not the ‘Fancy’ hit everyone was hoping it would be,” the source said
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Both these tired hoes are well past their experation date said...

They both suck and are way past their expiration date, put these two tragic tired hoes out their misery already.

NBA is fixed said...

One white bitch can't sing and the other white bitch can't rap. Both of these bitches are ugly and need to step away from the spotlight. Nobody wants to see talentless hoes embarrass themselves!

Sunno said...

They both sound like some hot boiling shit. The vocals and the rap are straight trash. Britt go be a mom and Iggy just go away.

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