Saturday, May 23, 2015

Britney Spears Walks Tyson Beckford on a Leash

Britney Spears walks model Tyson Beckford on a leash for her Las Vegas show.
On Wednesday Britney Spears performed her last Piece Of Me show in Las Vegas before going on break for the summer.
And the 33-year-old went out with a bang as she was joined onstage by Chippendales celebrity guest host and former Toxic music video co-star Tyson Beckford.
The 44-year-old sported a leash as he was walked across the stage by the blonde singer before jumping up to show off his abs with a quick dance for the audience.
Britney was seen leading the model down the stage during the neon-lit set, as she and her backup dancers performed Freakshow.
Tyson later jumped up - to the audience's delight - to show off his impressive six-pack abs as well as his dance moves.
After his dance solo Britney rushed over to thank him, signing a T-shirt for the star, before gushing: 'Thank you for dancing. You're such an amazing dancer!'
Twelve years prior the pair had worked together when they filmed Britney's unforgettable video for her single Toxic.
Jacked from The Daily Mail


NBA is fixed said...

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This niggas ancestors are rolling over in their graves at this fuckery said...

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Sunno said...

Well I lost respect for this clown when he was hugged up with the tranny in the photo shoot looking way to damn happy. So, to see him letting massa grand-daughter walk him around on a leash.....euthanize him now.

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