Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Jelena Karleusa Calls Out Beyonce

Serbian Pop super star Jelena Karleusa calls Beyonce to task for copying her look.

This woman! After slamming Kim Kardashian for allegedly copying her style and blonde look, Serbian popstar, Jelena Karleusa has come for Queen Bey herself. 
She posted side-by-side looks with caption
It's called ORIGINALITY,You should try it sometime
Her page is now full of bees emoji's from the Beehive.
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Anonymous said...

i hate giving the bewigged creole any credit, but i must admit, i think those outfits look better on bey than on jelena, especially the 2 at the bottom.

i don't think anyone besides the people she copies care that bey steals from other people. at least it doesn't seem that way, seeing how there doesn't seem to be any real backlash against bey for doing that. it's like the story comes out and then it's forgotten about, and bey goes back to looking for more "inspiration" on the internet.

Anonymous said...

So is this woman claiming to be the first pop star to rock ponytails, sequence dresses, and red swim suits. Like I wouldn't necessarily say this is stealing her style because those looks are so basic and have been done years before both these women. Everyone always claims they originated something when that's nowhere near true! Like I don't understand... So no one is allowed to ever wear an outfit if someone else wore it before?

Serbian transgender please said...

I'm going to need this Serbian transgender looking fool to step aside. the look she claimed is being stolen has been done by others outside of Bey is she going to claim others ripped her off too? btw beautiful gown Ricardo made for her, I think it would have looked better on Riri though. all you hoes stole from Grace Jones and Josephine Baker, so shut it down!!!

Anonymous said...

Not surprising. After all, it is Beystealing. She is known for being "inspired". Not too sure of this lady, but she is known for using act...artists that are not as popular in the States for "inspiration". She take any and everything that is not nailed down......well, not without being sued later.

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