Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Kim Kardashian Spends Mother's Day Away From North

Kim Kardashian ops not to spend Mother's Day with daughter North.

Kim Kardashian didn’t spend this past Mother’s Day with her daughter North. Instead Kim was in Brazil promote her K Kardashian Collection at shopping malls.
That didn’t seem to bother her daughter one bit. Doting dad shared a happy shot of little Nori on his Instagram account on Sunday where the 1-year-old was the centerpiece of a floral display.
Captain reads, ” Mother’s Day flowers sent to Kim and Nori by @BrittGastineau
Kim recently said in an interview with Extra! “Mother’s Day is kind of low-key. I saw my daughter doing a whole arts and crafts thing, her and Penelope were, so I’m sure that she made me something really special.” AWWWW!
Jacked from Naughty Gossip


Anonymous said...

No surprises here...that's all I got.

Anonymous said...

*sighs* Poor Ignori. Then again, this "doting mom" cropped out her own daughter's face from a photo because her facial expression "messed up" the stupid duck-face selfie she took. When Nori grows up, she'll either get a bunch of plastic surgery and get put on the hoe stroll by PMK, or Kim will try to ugly her up so that she never looks better than Kim. Either way, Nori will be mentally and emotionally fucked-up before she turns 18.

ThatBKChick said...

This bish...if it was black folk or a celebrity it would be all kinds of headlines...I am so tired of this trashy thots and their bullshit. It will be a matter of time before they will fade away...It's just when?

Anonymous said...

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