Thursday, May 28, 2015

State Trooper Who Took Duggar Police Report Convicted for Child Porn

Arkansas State Trooper convicted on child porn charges assisted in the Josh Duggar child molestation cover-up.

In 2005, Duggar Family patriarch Jim Bob brought his son Josh to the Arkansas state troopers’ office after catching him fondling a female minor. As reported by In Touch and Radar, the two met with Joe Hutchens, a 26-year veteran state trooper, who counseled Josh but failed to follow up on his offense against the young girl.
Hutchens’ failure to act allowed the statute of limitations to expire on the incident.
Some have framed Hutchens failure to follow up as some act of Christian mercy and forgiveness (the sort which Mike Huckabee has espoused for the wayward Josh). However, it seems more likely that Hutchens didn’t follow up because he himself was into criminal sexual activity. That same year, Hutchens was arrested on child porn charges; he served several years for his crimes, but after he was released from prison he re-offended while on parole.
An investigation found that Hutchens’ child porn habit never truly ceased. According to court records, Hutchens’ Yahoo profile screen name was “dadsluv2002”; under his interests, Hutchens listed “Strangers With Candy,” “Kinki Kids,” “Child Play series,” “Puberty,” and “Pre School.” Court papers also show that Hutchens was in possession of pictures depicting pubescent girls engaging in oral and vaginal sex. Child porn was also found on the county-owned computer Hutchens used for work. During his police interview, Hutchens admitted that he masturbated to pictures of young girls ages 2 to 3 and 12 to 13.
In 2010, Hutchens took a plea bargain and was sentenced to 56 years. Below is a report on Hutchens risk assessment as a sex offender provided by the court.
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Both of them look creepy as hell, filthy ass child molesting perverts, all child molesters should be automatically put to death, its a crime against humanity and their is no rehabilitating these sick fucks.

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