Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tom Cruise Dating Paula Patton

Tom Cruise and Paula Patton secretly dating for months.
TOM CRUISE is flying high after a string of secret dates with sexy “Mission: Impossible” co-star PAULA PATTON! “When they worked on the movie, they had a genuine connection, but neither was available,” said a pal. “Now that they’re both single, it’s totally on!” 
After keeping things on the down-low, the two are realizing they’re good together, insiders revealed.
“It’s still super fresh, but Paula seems open to exploring a future with Tom,” the source added. “She’s been looking for a guy she can trust after ex-hubby Robin Thicke cheated on her. “Tom definitely fits the bill!”
Jacked from The National Enquirer


WTF???!!!!! said...

Not surprised at his attraction, since Tom loves black women. We all know his look-alike adopted son is really his Biological black son. Paula is more of a mess than I thought, if there's any truth to her dating megalomanic Scientology grand wizard Tom Cruise. Katie Holmes barely got away from him. He broke her down and had her looking like an old hag.

NBA is fixed said...

Paula Patton is a black actress who is looking for white privilege. Tom Cruise is a closeted gay actor looking for a woman to convince the world that he is straight. They would be perfect business partners for each other.

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