Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner Purposely Rained on KimYe Baby Parade

Caitlyn Jenner intentionally overshadowed Kim and Kanye's baby news by refusing to hold up her Vanity Fair cover.

Move over Kim Kardashian— there’s officially a new internet-breaking beauty in town! 
Just one day afterKeeping up with the Kardashian’s fame-hungry 34-year-old reality star announced to the world that she was pregnant with her second child from rapper Kanye West, Caitlyn Jenner dropped the biggest bomb of all by revealing her brand new name and glamour girl style in an upcoming issue of Vanity Fair. And RadarOnline.com has learned her family is not happy about it!
A source close to the family tells Radar exclusively, “Kris and other family members asked Caitlyn to hold the Vanity Fair cover and her big reveal until after Kim’s pregnancy got the proper publicity, but she refused to do so!”
“Caitlyn said that she was not going to stand to the side anymore and that her days of doing what they wanted her to do are officially over,” says the source.
As Radar reported, along with the big reveal on the cover of the magazine, Jenner also debuted to the world her new social media handle, @Caitlyn_Jenner.
“Kim is a little bummed because she supported this transition so much more than the rest of the familyand feels that she was owed the proper respect of holding it off for a couple more days,” the insider tells Radar.
“But Caitlyn knew that if she did not do this, it would leak and that is the last thing that she wanted,” says the source.
“She intends to be in complete control over all of this as she has been so far.”
Jacked from Radar Online


Anonymous said...

"Meeeeeeeeeeeeee-ow", said Caitlyn!

FiyahBlaze said...

No one gives 2 fucks about Kim n her baby news.....she is a cum guzzler / nut rag lmfao.........didn't Ray J piss on that dirty bitch.........lol ........ugh gross

FiyahBlaze said...

Kim please stop with the plastic surgery bcuz ur funny lookin ass is starting to look like one of the muppets bitch.......not cute lmfao

Who is really checking for any of these dusty tragic hoes said...

This hot mess is hilarious on so many levels. first a bunch of yt women saying "bitch stole my look" janice dickerson, Jessica Lang, denese brown,nicole brown sister lol Nancy Polosi and the list goes on and on LMBAO!!! Bruce without all that photoshop and special lighthing looks like a burn victim with all the plastic surgery,he had and fucked his looks up. the kartrashian clan must be furious at him for stealing their thunder, at the end of the day no one cares about bruce/caitlyn he's still a vapid famewhore like that werewolve vampire succubus clan. this is not a story of transgender making the transition, this is reprehensible, vapid famewhore who showed not one ounce of remorse for women he ran into and killed. he's fucking disgusting on all levels,and the transgender community better not embrace this mentally disturbed old man. he's a disgrace to any group and don't nan better claim this hoe. I"m however enjoying this circus of seeing the werewolf vampire clan sweat, while caitlyn is prancing on famewhore hoe stroll lol

Anonymous said...

Cate should have pissed in her face. Knowing Kim she probably would have loved a golden shower.

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