Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ireland Baldwin Goes on Post-Rehab Twitter Rant

Fresh out of rehab Ireland Baldwin freaks-out in a bizarre Twitter rant.  

We guess she's over girlfriend Angel Haze!
Ireland Baldwin picks up a fresh bouquet in Malibu with her new boyfriend Jon Kasik on Sunday, and the model appears to be happy and healthy following her rehab stay at SOBA Recovery Center in the beach town. The pair reportedly met while undergoing treatment at the facility, and love quickly blossomed! 
This looks like the picture perfect scene, except for the fact Alec Baldwin's daughter had a bit of a meltdown on Twitter later on in the day.
"Girls are weird. Boys are weird. I can't deal with it anymore. I'm leaving this planet. I'm always either so on point about people and what their intentions are or so f***ing off that I might as well fall in a ditch. I don't even like people like at all. I like dogs and cats. People are complex and frightening. Imagine if I just took a hand full of people I actually liked and left planet earth and took over another planet with a bunch of dogs & cats," she wrote.
"I just want to travel and eat good bread. I want to wipe my slate and not have known anyone ever. I want to do something so different from anything anyone could ever imagine that all your little baby brains are going to explode. So I'll just lay in bed and lighten to Good To Sea on repeat and just freak out," she continued.
We wonder what triggered this freak out? Girl sounds like she has issues!
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Anonymous said...

sound like she still on drugs. i see another trip to rehab soon.

WTF???!!!!! said...

Sad that with 2 good looking parents, she came out so damn unattractive. She has no personality and hops on whatever fad is popular at the moment. Now her hair is that silver/purple shit, prior to that she was on some bi-curious jungle fever type ish. Basically an attention whore and her mom is an enabler.

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