Thursday, June 18, 2015

Kim Kardashian Sold Paris Hilton Secrets to Tabloids

Kim Kardashian exposed for selling out her former friend Paris Hilton to the tabloids.
Kim Kardashian’s origin story has, at this point, passed into legend: Before Ray J, before Kanye, before Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, she was the personal assistant to the original sex tape star-cum-reality-TV personality Paris Hilton. But how did she climb her way past her old boss?
According to a dirt-filled new Buzzfeed story: By spilling tea on her to tabloids. In Anne Helen Petersen’s excellently gossipy Buzzfeed story about InTouch’s rise from gossip rag to Duggar-shaming investigative reporting outlet, we find this choice bit of mid-aughts drama:
Several former [InTouch] employees confirmed that before Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with Ray J was leaked in 2007, Kim served as a source for In Touch stories, providing a steady stream of information on Paris Hilton.
Sorry, Paris. After Kim—allegedly—gave up all that Hilton dirt, InTouch turned around and helped her become a star. When Keeping Up With the Kardashians premiered in 2007, Kim and her sisters began appearing on cover after cover of InTouch, often giving “exclusive” interviews that nobody else wanted in the first place. Eight years later, it’s Kim Kardashian’s world, and Paris Hilton is just living in it.
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