Monday, June 15, 2015

Nicole Scherzinger Dropped by RCA

Former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger dropped by RCA after poor record sales.

Nicole Scherzinger has apparently been dropped by RCA following poor sales of her latest album.
It really hasn't been a good year for Nicole Scherzinger, the pop star who sold more than 50 million records with the Pussycat Dolls and who received a huge pay packet for her appearances on both the US and UK 'X Factor' judging panels. First, the singer's relationship with Formula 1 ace Lewis Hamilton came to an end, and now she has reportedly been dropped by RCA Records.
The news, reported by The Sun, follows paltry sales of her second solo album, 'Big Fat Lie', which spent only two weeks in the UK top 100 after entering the chart at number 17 in October last year.
A source told the paper: "There is the feeling that Nicole didn't get the support she needed on the release to make it a success.
"Fans have been grumbling that they didn't think the right singles were released by the record label.
"A number of new songs from Nicole leaked online a few weeks ago and fans were angry that they weren't on her last album."
The first single from 'Big Fat Lie', 'Your Love', made a respectable UK chart debut at number six, but the follow-up, 'Run', limped in at number 46. The third single, 'On the Rocks', had a particularly apt title in hindsight, coming in at number 90.
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Anonymous said...

....and water is wet.

NBA is fixed said...

Either Nicole Scherzinger pissed off some very powerful music executives, or she sat on the wrong casting couches. Nicole Scherzinger can sing just as good as Beyoncé and in my opinion, is more attractive. I believe the music industry blackballed her!

Sunno said...

She'll be fine. She's pretty with a hot body some rich dude is gonna grab her up.

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