Friday, June 5, 2015

Pittsburg LGBT Community Rebel Against Iggy Azalea

Major Pittsburg LGBT group pulls out of Pittsburg gay pride fest over decision to have Iggy Azalea headline.

Iggy actually doesn’t have one less problem to think about worry about, the Iggy Azalea LGBT fiasco has the “Problem” rapper in a bad spot!
The Aussie rapper is slated to headline the  Pittsburgh  gay pride festival but is getting less and less support as a major LGBT group has pulled out of the event as controversy surrounds the superstar’s Tweets!
“Our board voted last week to not march in the Pittsburgh Pride parade, due to the insensitive choice of Iggy Azalea as headliner,” said GLSEN Pittsburgh chapter head, Vanessa Davis.
Iggy has come under heavy fire from the media and fans alike after posting insensitive and homophobic tweets.
“When guys whisper in each others ears I always think it’s kind of homo”, the rapper has tweeted in the past.
“Wonder why my butt felt like it was about 2 grow legs, flip me off, & walk away. Then I remembered I played soccer yesterday with 5 dike bi**hes,” the rapper tweeted.
Azalea quit Twitter last February after receiving negative backlash regarding her tweets.
It is being reported that the groups choosing to not attend the pride festival have created an alternative festival named Roots festival, which will run the same time as Iggy’s slotted performance.
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