Friday, June 26, 2015

Widow Ignites Swayze Family War

Patrick Swayze's family upset after his widow sells beloved California ranch.

The widow of “Dirty Dancing”heartthrob PATRICK SWAYZE has sold his beloved California ranch, despite his grieving family’s attempt to turn it into a museum for the actor, The National ENQUIRER has exclusively learned.
Lisa Niemi’s decision to sell the home – affectionately called “Rancho Bizarro” – drove a dagger into the hearts of Patrick’s surviving family!
“It’s a slap in the face to Patrick’s fans,” said a family insider.
“And to not even give the Swayze family anything is just cold-hearted!”
Lisa sold the 1948 ranch in Sylmar for $2.9 million to philanthropist Aileen Getty, the granddaughter of oil baron Jean Paul Getty.
But an alarmed family member who learned of the impending sale contacted Lisa in a desperate attempt to purchase the ranch and turn it into a museum for the actor’s many fans.
Lisa chose to ignore the proposal, the source told The ENQUIRER.
Patrick’s niece Danielle Swayze is heartbroken over the sale of the 4.5-acre ranch, where she lived with her father, Don, as the actor’s brother cared for Patrick through his final year battling pancreatic cancer.
“Lisa’s sold everything – including the Mercedes that [Patrick] bought her from [his salary for] ‘Road House,’” a disgusted Danielle told The ENQUIRER.
“I don’t know how much more money she needs,” she added, referring to Lisa’s 2014 marriage to jeweler Albert DePrisco. “She did marry a billionaire, after all!”
Patrick’s family inherited nothing after the actor’s death. That led to a family feud after The ENQUIRER revealed Patrick’s signature on his final will – signed two months before he died – was allegedly forged!
The will left the star’s entire $40 million estate to his 59-year-old wife of 34 years – who quickly expelled Patrick’s relatives from his properties and blocked them from keeping personal mementos.
Aileen’s lawyer, John Ladner, told The ENQUIRER they were aware the ranch belonged to Patrick. “We did not know that there was an attempt to make it historical or a museum,” he said sympathetically.
When asked if Aileen would be interested in turning the property into a Patrick Swayze museum, he responded: “She’s not really looking for new commitments at the moment.”
Jacked from The National Enquirer


Anonymous said...

Honestly, the ranch was hers to do with as she chose. Perhaps if they had been kinder to her when she lost her husband, she would have been kinder to them. Putting this whole issue on display for the world to comment on can't be helping matters.

If Patrick had wanted to them to inherit, he would have left specific instructions toward that end. Their behavior really just seems greedy and entitled.

Anonymous said...

They are nothing but greedy, entitled trash. When Patrick was alive he even has to put an end to there freeloading. After died, Lisa supported them for a good while and they still wanted more. She is moving on and is trying to live her life again so she owes them nothing more.

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