Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ariana Grande Forced to Slash Ticket Prices

Pop star Ariana Grande forced to slash ticket prices for her ongoing arena tour.
Are Ariana Grande’s 15 minutes of fame over? Ticket prices for her upcoming summer concert were slashed to $16 by the venue to try to fill seats.
“She was booked in WAY to big arenas way too soon,” a source tells NAUGHTY GOSSIP. “She hasn’t had the success of Taylor Swift with records, but her people thought she could see out the same size venues. Now they are slashing prices to try to make the places look full.”
“Ariana has no idea whats going on,” adds another pal. “She thinks the tour is a huge success. She will find out eventually, because after all this time on the road she is making no money. With the production costs so high, and the money from tickets so low, she could end up losing money after all these live shows.”
Jacked from Naughty Gossip  


Anonymous said...

These celebrities need to get over themselves. The united states is in a PERMANENT ECONOMIC DECLINE. Millions of people are losing jobs, families are losing homes, left and right. They have no time for this bullshit these idiots are peddling as 'entertainment.'

NBA is fixed said...

These Milli Vanilli singers charging hundreds of dollars to see a lip sync show? Do they think the public is stupid? Nobody is going to pay for that; especially me.

NBA is fixed said...

Ariana Grande can't sing as well as Mariah Carey on her best day! How many people did Ariana Grande have to screw in order for her to become famous?

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