Thursday, July 23, 2015

Did Taylor Swift Steal Concept for Bad Blood?

Taylor Swift accused of copying the concert for her smash hit video Bad Blood from K-Pop group 2NE1.

Last night, as Taylor Swift pulled a classic derail on Nicki Minaj’s very important VMA tweets, Twitter user @chaelinfenty brought up an interesting point: “can we talk about how taylor’s video isn’t original and was copied from a group of four WOC, 2NE1,” she wrote, not a question but a declaration.
Side-by-side, it’s pretty stiking.
Now, of course the VMAs don’t mean shit: they’re a big money-maker and marquee event from a television channel that hasn’t played videos for coming up on a decade. But they’re also a vessel of public recognition and a way to solidify a pop canon. No matter what your feelings on the merits of Minaj’s “Anaconda” video, it is a valid point to be made that music awards—whether MTV, the Grammys, the AMAs, basically any show that isn’t prefaced by the words “Black” or “Latin”—reward and reinforce videos and songs predicated on the concept that white is somehow more right. “Bad Blood,” Taylor Swift’s blockbuster starring a cavalcade of her friends—models, actors, musicians—and cameos from the likes of Cindy Crawford and Jessica Alba, was nominated for Video of the Year, Best Collaboration, Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Direction, Best Editing, and Best Visual Effects. But what do those accolades mean, if the clip copied K-pop girl group 2NE1, one of Korea’s biggest worldwide musical acts and whose lead CL is currently being managed by Scooter Braun, set to make a huge debut in the US later this year?
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Anonymous said...

CL got nerve.

K-Pop is nothing more than the love child of American and Japanese pop music. Listen to Kpop sounds like a decade-old carbon copy of music from the US and Japan. It's all recyclable garbage. Too bad neither genre recycles it well.

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