Friday, July 24, 2015

Karim Benzema Exposed by Known Escort

Known escort exposes tryst with Rihanna's rumored boyfriend Karim Benzema.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, well look what we have here Analicia Chaves aka Ana Montana decided she wants some attention and exposed her former GoPro Karim Benzema who is now dating Rihanna. Ana is a well know escort here in Miami and she also works for Charles and Ko Models a well known escort agency in the UK where she also flies to meet her clients. She met Karim through them in 2013 and he has kept her as his dirty little secret. Well now she is mad because he completely cut all ties with her and is now getting serious with popstar Rihanna. So she did what all hoes did release naked pics and pics of her and Karim for attention, she wants it to be known she was with him… well Ana I guess your planned work you went from 400k followers to 841k followers you want to be famous so bad very pathetic… you’re only 26 and has been ran through by everyone from Miami to Europe. You are a sad excuse for a woman.
Jacked from The Dirty

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