Friday, July 24, 2015

Keanu Reeves Dating Transgender Actress

Keanu Reeves dating trans-gender actress Jamie Clayton.

Sounds like this romance is off to a speedy start! Keanu Reeves was recently spotted getting cozy in front of a restaurant with a transgender actress.
Hollywood hunk Keanu Reeves is wining and dining transgender actress Jamie Clayton, sources confirm to Star.
"They're definitely smitten," says an eyewitness who spotted the two dining at the Chateau Marmont on July 16.
Keanu and Jamie first met on set in Europe while filming The Neon Demon, a thriller about the dark side of modeling.
"Jamie was acting all giddy on the way out of the restaurant when Keanu wrapped his arm around her lower back," the bystander reveals, "and then he went in for a kiss!"
The cozy costars hugged and kissed good-bye once more before Jamie, 37, walked the motorcycle enthusiast over to his bike. "The fact that Jamie's transgender doesn't mean a thing," says a pal of the 50-year-old actor. "Keanu likes her and respects her no matter what."

Jacked from Star Magazine


WTF???!!!!! said...

Isn't Keanu bi?? There's been rumors about him for a long time. Dating transgenders is gonna become mainstream. That's what the agenda is all about....making this abnormal shit, normal.

Indi_flo said...

that's my hacker girl from Sense8 on Neflix.. LOVE THAT SHOW!

Anonymous said...

Wtf????????? It is normal you dip shit... your the one abnormal for thinking it's not normal. Get a reality check!!!!

Elizabeth Dawson said...

There is no such thing as "transgenders," silly. There are simply PEOPLE, who happen to be transgender. Like there are people who happen to be Irish or tall or brown-eyed, etc.

And Anonymous is correct. People who are transgender have always been "normal," they just may not have been recognized as such, or have been commonly known or recognized. And now we are starting to know better! FINALLY.

Anonymous said...

trans people are getting so annoying. tired of the hype.

Anonymous said...

Lol poor fool thinks it's all hype, don't be mad cause no one wants to be with your ugly ass

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