Friday, July 31, 2015

Kim Kardashian Accused of Faking Her Pregnancy

Fans question Kim Kardashian's continuously evolving belly bump.

Growing bellies are synonymous with pregnancies, but it looks like Kim Kardashian’s pregnant tummy is fluctuating!
The reality star had a small baby bump in the afternoon on July 27, but later in the evening, her tummy appeared to be bigger. Now fans are wondering what is going on.
Kim Kardashian, 34, is there something you need to tell us? The Keeping Up With the Kardashiansreality star flaunted a small baby bump in a tight white dress on July 27, but later in the day the bump appeared to have grown! Fans are certainly confused by the change in size and many wonder if Kim is faking her pregnancy.
That noticeable change in the size of Kim’s baby bump from day to night seriously made a whole lot of folks do a double take. The reality star has been through her fair share of accusations that she’s faking her pregnancy, but the look of Kim’s bump in the same tight dress in the afternoon and later in the evening didn’t do a whole lot to dispel the rumors. One fan called out Kim’s recent trip to Paris, saying, “Fly’s to London (moon for fittings & to Paris to check on the surrogate. Last time, she posed in a bikini and totally nude. Hasn’t this time.
Finally discovered dignity? Naw… go on, Kim. Prove us all wrong. Dare you.”
Jacked from Hollywood Life


Anonymous said...

That fake Bitch. One minute she's taking photos one day, barely showing, the next day she's look like she's about to pop. She has a glam bump when it's convenient for her image and a " try to convince us bump " to try to make us believe she's pregnant. By using a surrogate she's probably going to try for a weight lost contract. If she is pregnant though, which I doubt, I hope her body never snaps back, thus killing off the Kadashian brand.

ThatBKChick said...

Everything is fake about this bish from her body parts to her very existence....SMDH!

Sunno said...

She hasn't flaunted one bikini picture like she killed us with, when carrying North. She's not pregnant she is too vain especially after that 10 month dragging she received.

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