Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Kim Kardashian Says Paris Hilton Never Bonded with Her over Sex Tape

Kim Kardashian says former friend Paris Hilton did not offer her any advice after her sex tape leaked.

KIM KARDASHIAN shows about two square miles of cleavage on the cover of this week's "Rolling Stone". Inside the magazine, she talks about how she and PARIS HILTON did NOT bond over the fact that they both had sex tape scandals. She says that after her tape came out, quote, "I don't think she was that happy. We didn't really talk about it. I probably would have thought, 'Oh, my gosh, let me give her advice,' but we had no communication. But our friendship had fizzled before that."
She also says she rarely wears underwear . . . but the reason the paparazzi's never gotten a peek at her pooch is because she doesn't do drugs or drink, other than, quote, "five shots of vodka in Vegas every three years."
Kim also reveals that O.J. SIMPSON stayed at their house for a while after he was accused of murder in 1994. And it created massive amounts of tension, because her mom KRIS JENNER thought he was GUILTY.
Kim took her dad's side though, because she thought he was, quote, "the smartest person in the world, and he really believed in his friend." As for what she believes now, she says, quote, "It's weird. I just try not to think about it."
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