Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kylie Jenner Completes High School

Kylie Jenner completes home school high school program.

Kylie Jenner has finished school less than a month before her 18th birthday, seven months after she left conventional education to be homeschooled.
Kylie Jenner has finished school.
The 17-year-old TV personality has revealed she has finished her compulsory education and is looking forward to the rest of her life now she doesn't have to worry about studying any more.
In a series of posts, she told her 10.4 million Twitter followers: ''Today, for the first time, I am very excited about tomorrow for no damn reason. Just that I'm alive & I have a wonderful life to be lived.
''Oh AND.. I finished school last week.. & I know I never post on social media when I'm in class but that doesn't mean ... I don't encourage education! Because I do! gooooodnight. (sic)''
The news comes seven months after the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star - who will celebrate her 18th birthday next month - reportedly quit conventional school in favour of being taught at home as her hectic schedule didn't allow her to attend school five days a week.
A source said at the time: ''It is not schooling in the sense that she spends eight hours a day, five days a week on it.
''It is more like two hours a day, if that.
''Kylie simply doesn't have the time for school. It's quite the hassle to her.''
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Anonymous said...

This little Vapid hooka couldnt find a clue if she nuked the damn city..........

Anonymous said...

so what , she made millions without a high school diploma . it clearly is useless in 2015 for the average person and definitely or a millionaire

Anonymous said...

When does a high school diploma become useless for the average person???? WTF are you smoking 3:12

Anonymous said...

must be some good

Anonymous said...

I agree w/@3:12 (for a average person's perspective). Having a formal (read: government-controlled) education is becoming useless. Yes you *need* a piece of paper stating you've been legally indoctrinated for 12 years, but having experience and training, a good rapport, and connections is really what matters. It's becoming true for those holding associates and bachelors. Notice how so many people are graduating (even some near the top of their class) but are struggling to get jobs or start businesses.

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