Monday, July 20, 2015

Male Prostitute Testifies Against David Geffen

Male prostitute reveals 'friendship' with music exec David Geffen while under oath for extortion case.

The Jarec Wentworth extortion trial (which will conclude tomorrow after two days of testimony) was expected to offer salacious details about the alleged victim in the case, Republican multimillionaire Donald Burns.
But today’s testimony from prostitute and Sean Cody porn star “Taylor” (a.k.a. Justin Griggs, a.k.a. Justin Matthews) that yielded the biggest bombshell: Griggs’ had a “friendship” with billionaire entertainment mogul David Geffen, and now fears for his own safety.
Q Now, you also mentioned in this interview which was on the 6th — is that right? — with FBI agents on the phone, you mentioned that you didn’t want to give details about an individual because he was very powerful and you feared for the safety if you disclose information. Who were you talking about there?
MR. JAUREGUI (Prosecution): Objection, Your Honor. Relevance.
THE COURT: Overruled.
THE WITNESS: It was — should I give you the name of the person?
Q: Yes.
MR. JAUREGUI (Prosecution): Your Honor, I don’t understand how that’s relevant.
THE COURT: Answer the question.
THE WITNESS: David Geffen.
Q: I see.
Obviously, the implications in Griggs’ testimony are clear, and they reveal what many people in the adult and mainstream entertainment industries already know: Rich and famous people hire prostitutes all the time. The only aspect of Griggs testimony that’s not clear is why he told FBI agents that revealing details about his “friendship” with Geffen made him fear for his safety. If, hypothetically, Geffen has made threats against him, hopefully Griggs would be given the same kind of protection and attention afforded to someone like, say, Donald Burns.
Griggs’ full cross-examination testimony is below, which also reveals information about penis emojis sent to him by Sean Cody’s Willis (Hayden), group fuckfests with up to four Sean Cody models and Donald Burns, and Griggs’ own request to Burns that he be given $150,000 for “keeping his mouth shut” and being “a good guy.”
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