Monday, July 6, 2015

Paris Hilton In on Airplane Prank

She was in on it! The truth comes out after Paris Hilton threatens to sue Dubai production company over airplane crash prank.

Paris Hilton reportedly received a pretty penny for pretending to be scared for her life during a televised plane crash prank she allegedly knew all about.
Paris Hilton was reportedly in on a prank in which she was told a plane she was onboard was going to crash. Hilton was filmed looking – understandably – absolutely terrified on a plane by an Egyptian television show, Ramez Wakel el-Gaw(Ramez in Control). Her terror may all have been an act and she was allegedly paid close to $1 million for her appearance on the show.
The 34-year-old heiress was reportedly in on the action from the onset, according to reports in TMZ. The entertainment website acquired documents from the show’s production company in which they described their plans for the prank and it seems Hilton knew some plan was afoot.
From what we can see in clips of the show, Hilton was under the impressive she was heading to the opening of a luxury hotel in Dubai when the plane she was on seemingly encountered engine troubles. The production company, which allegedly gained the permission of the Dubai authorities for the prank, then filmed her reaction.
In the documents, the company further added how they had reached out to a number of American celebrities before Hilton allegedly agreed to appear on the show. Although Hilton was not told exactly what was going to happen, she did know something was up before she even boarded the plane.
However, Hilton is not renowned for her acting prowess so, if she really was in on the prank, her skills have certainly improved since her days in such films as House of Wax. She looks genuinely terrified and she may not have known the extent to which the company planned to go which would account for her genuine look of terror. Although Hilton was temporarily terrified, she reportedly received a substantial sum for her troubles. The production company reportedly paid her around $1 million to appear on the show.
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