Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tom Hanks Fed Up with Rapper Son Chet Haze

Tom Hanks stressed out over druggie rapper son Chet Haze.

TOM HANKS used his Hollywood clout to send his druggie son to prison!
But even that couldn’t save Chet Hanks from his sad path of deadly self-destruction.
“They tried to scare him straight,” a longtime friend of the rapper told The National ENQUIRER, revealing how Tom and wife Rita Wilson sent their son on a terrifying tour of a maximum security prison while Chet was in high school.
“They told Chet, ‘This is where you’re ending up!’” said the concerned pal. “But Chet didn’t take the jail visit seriously. He just kept getting high!”
Chet’s privileged upbringing first took a twisted turn when he was sent to the exclusive Harvard-Westlake School in L.A.
“He began partying every weekend, smoking pot and drinking,” said the insider. “Then he got into harder stuff. Chet wasn’t the nice kid anymore. He was becoming someone else.”
The pampered private-school student went on to Northwestern University – where Chet began posing as a streetwise rapper as his drug abuse worsened.
“Chet came home during breaks acting like he was raised on the streets, using rapper lingo … He called himself ‘Chet Haze.’”
Tom and Rita finally got their son to enter rehab months ago – and Chet, 24, later announced he was “50 days clean and sober from everything, including alcohol.”
But after being ridiculed recently over the Internet for a video where he boasted about using the “n-word,” Chet traveled to Europe – where he’s now wanted by British authorities for causing $1,800 worth of damages to his London hotel room after a night of outrageous partying.
“Tom’s especially upset because of the stress on Rita, who’s recovering from a double mastectomy,” said a family friend. “They have all the money and fame in the world, yet they don’t have one day of peace. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare!”
Jacked from National Enquirer


NBA is fixed said...

Chet Hanks has that same type of look in his eyes as Dylan Roof and Aurora shooter James Holmes!

Anonymous said...

This is the White udde from Malibu's most wanted come to real life!

WTF???!!!!! said...

They spoiled him rotten. Brought him up to be a self entitled little prick. His mom is sick and he could care less. BAD Seed. They should've spent more time being parents, instead of getting their hollywood accolades. Cher did the same thing. left her daughter in the care of her lesbian friends, while she did the hollywood thing. We see how that shit turned out.

Anonymous said...

That boy has pure on evil in them eyes..I would be nervous with him in my house..he looks like he needs an exorcism.

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