Monday, August 17, 2015

Ben Affleck Nanny Planning Tell-All Interview

Ben Affleck's former nanny planning to give a tell-all interview about their affair.

Ben Affleck's nanny has turned into his worst nightmare.
Affleck’s ex-employee Christine Ouzounian — who was fired by the actor’s estranged wife,Jennifer Garner, after learning of the duo’s alleged affair — is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame so much that she is looking to extend it with a tell-all TV interview. That is, if things don’t work out with the “Batman” hunk.
“She has been offered several interviews, including paid appearances on ‘Dr. Phil’ and ‘Entertainment Tonight,’ ” a source with knowledge of the talks tells Confidenti@l. “These two outlets often pay for access and, at the moment, no one is a bigger get than her (Ouzounian).”
So far, Ouzounian, who is living it up at the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles, allegedly on Affleck’s dime, hasn’t committed to either interview. She hopes to have a future with Affleck and has made that clear to producers seeking interviews.
“She doesn’t want to burn the relationship completely,” says our source.
But she’s also toying with Affleck, we hear. Last week the naughty nanny happened to be captured frolicking in a barely-there black bikini poolside at the hotel, an incident that may have been staged.
“Many believe it was Ouzounian herself who tipped off the photographers to the private pool-area shoot,” says a second source in the weekly magazine industry. “The picture looks totally staged. Who would even recognize her? And a giveaway is that her hair is perfect and she’s wearing makeup. No one looks this good when they think they are relaxing in private. This girl knows what she is doing.”
Ouzounian, after allegedly breaking up Affleck’s 10-year union, has become “a big problem” for the actor and his people, who are still denying that he had any sexual relations with her.
“At the moment Ben has managed to keep her quiet. Wait until she finds out that she was just a fling and he has no interest in dating her. How’s he going to shut her up then?” asks our first source. “We are patient. We will wait until Christine is ready.”
Jacked from NY Daily News  


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