Friday, August 7, 2015

Gavin Rossdale's Former Gay Lover Speaks Out

Gaven Rossdale's former gay lover speaks out about Gaven's divorce from Gwen Stefani.

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale‘s split after 20 years together stunned fans, but not Rossdale’s gay lover!
Cross-dressing pop star Marilyn told in an exclusive interview that the couple had struggled “for years” and Rossdale openly confessed their “issues” to his former boyfriend.
According to Marilyn, Rossdale opened up about his marriage to Stefani in an hour-long intimate phone call shortly before they announced their split. But he says tensions were bubbling for much longer.
“It really isn’t that surprising,” Marilyn told Radar. “This has been going on for years. Well done to them for trying so long!”
The problem? Marilyn, born Peter Robinson, claims Rossdale has many “issues” surrounding his sexuality and the history of their affair. After a passionate gay relationship in the early 1980s, Rossdale dated women after finding fame. When Marilyn revealed their relationship in 2009, the Bush frontman denied the relationship, before admitting he had lied in 2010.
“He called our relationship an experimentation, indiscretion of youth,” Marilyn sniffed. “Our experiment went on for five years! If you don’t live in your own truth, whatever it may be, how can you be happy? You’re not at peace with yourself.”
Marilyn also alleges that Rossdale’s wife Stefani was uncomfortable with the dirty details of his past becoming public.
“She didn’t want to know or acknowledge certain things about him,” he claims. “She wanted to edit his past and he wanted to as well.”
“But how do you go into a relationship and not be 100 percent honest?” he asked. “You can’t have an ongoing stable relationship being untruthful or unaccepting. I just don’t get it.”
In addition to the story of the Marilyn affair, Rossdale and Stefani’s relationship was rocked by the revelation in 2004 that he had fathered a love child, Daisy Lowe, with ex-girlfriend Pearl Lowe. Stefani was reportedly devastated at the time.
“If you’re not honest, and especially if you’re with someone who is extremely successful and in the public eye, it’ll come out of the woodwork,” Marilyn explained.
“And I think the fact that Gavin couldn’t be upfront about certain things was the problem,” he claimed. “I can imagine, if it were me [being blindsided by such revelations] I would go into over-snoop mode. I want to know where you’re going, how long you’re going, who’s the text from. I would be suspicious that the person wasn’t being honest with me. I can imagine Gwen would have a similar problem.”
Indeed, as Radar reported, Stefani’s suspicions that Rossdale cheated on her with one of the couple’s nannies ultimately torpedoed their relationship. While he denied any wrongdoing, she could not vanquish her concerns, insiders said.
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ThatBKChick said...

Gwen...WTF were you thinking marrying up this dude. He just slings his john any which way....I do not understand why people do these open marriage relationships, unless Gwen is bi-sexual too? This is do distasteful, being that she has kids with this nasty ass dude. She's known since 2004, but just recently had another baby with this man....YUK! I am sorry, I love Gwen, but her life decision to stay with such a man, alarms me being that they have children.....SMDH!

Anonymous said...

That man in a wig with that pose though - I can't stop laughing at that pic - I didn't even bother to read the story cause their marriage was a farce since day 1 - how you gonna marry and breed with a man who told you he was gay - bye Gwen and Gavin and man in a wig take your hollyweird romance fodder offline....

WTF???!!!!! said...

I never pegged Gwen as a desperate woman, but she sure seems to have low self esteem. She could do so much better, than this gay dude...then she stoops even lower and agrees to an open marriage. No wonder it lasted this long, he got to have his cake and eat it too. Now she's left looking like a fool. I will never understand why people insist on bringing children into their dysfunction. It doesn't make it better.

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