Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tom Brady Pulled into Ben Affleck Nanny Scandal

NFL quarterback pulled into Ben Affleck nanny cheating scandal after she's photographed on a private jet wearing Brady's super bowl championship rings.
Here’s Ben Affleck’s favorite nanny enjoying some mile-high fun on a private jet trip to Vegas with the actor and his buddy Tom Brady, while playfully posing with the QB’s four Super Bowl rings.
In the photo, obtained exclusively by The Post,Christine Ouzounian, 28, is wearing the bling along with tight white jeans, a black tank top — and a satisfied smile.
The nanny is clearly relaxed, kicking off her shoes and striking a sexy pose on her seat.
Ouzounian had been in the Bahamas with Affleck, 42, and his unsuspecting, now-estranged actress wife,Jennifer Garner, 43, before the pair’s hush-hush jaunt to Sin City on June 27 for a poker tournament.
Affleck, an avid gambler, had initially asked Ouzounian to join him on a flight back to LA from the Bahamas — while his clueless spouse stayed behind with their three kids, a source said.
“He assured her it was OK. Technically, he was her boss,’’ the source told Hollywood
“But along the way, he convinced her to go to Las Vegas with him for [a] poker tournament. They even stopped and picked up Tom Brady for the trip. While in Vegas, Ben hid Christine the entire time.
“When they got back to LA, Jen heard about their trip without the kids and flipped out. She fired Christine right away, and Ben did nothing about it,” the insider said.
Three days after the photo was snapped, Affleck and Garner announced that they were splitting up.
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Anonymous said...

He was not pulled in; he went willingly! Who carries their 4 super bowl rings around? More to this story and it's probably really juicy. Hope this hag writes an article/ book....

Anonymous said...

@Anon "Who carries their 4 super bowl rings around?"

That was my ONLY question.

Anonymous said...

Mine to - who does that???

Anonymous said...

They was all fkn .....��

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Pulled into it? He was not pulled into it, Brady is a grown man and put himself there! Who travels around with all their Super Bowl rings and lets bimbos wear them - more to this story!

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