Monday, June 28, 2010

Khole Kardashian's Strange Looking Birthday Cake

We ask you, who wouldn’t want a cake that looks like turquoise dick?
Khloe Kardashian is proper messing with our heads today.

Following her twatting about with bits of a serial killer’s brains (eeeh), we’ve caught sight of this birthday snap.

Big pots of sweeties – like.

Green bikini – like.

Jungle print sarong – can tolerate.

Large cake in the shape of a cyan todger with a bell end flecked with fluorescent green – like more than the children we’ve never birthed.

*Elaborate gag rhetoric set up alert*

But hang on a cotton pickin’ minute! What’s wrong with the cake’s BALLS?

They look just like razor blades!

That’s cuz they are and this is some promo guff for Venus Embrace.

That all fell a bit flat towards the end there, didn’t it?

Jacked from 3am


Anonymous said...

Black dingaling got her tricked up !They go so fuckin crazy after that shit. This stupid ass seeing shit. If you wanted a penis cake you have enough dough to get it done.Furthermore lay his stupid ass on a table put icing on the shit and take a photo for all the world to see! That would be original since I have yet to see his damn pecker! Non talent ass!!!

Anonymous said...

She's such a waste of time and space, but a tad bit more tolerable than that skank kim.

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