Monday, June 28, 2010

Oksana Says Mel's Not Paid Her One Thin Dime

Mel Gibson is playing hard ball with his baby mama.

Mel Gibson's baby mama claims she's going broke because the Holy Hunk is stiffing her and their love child, according to a report published yesterday.

Songbird Oksana Grigorieva said she's sponging off pals and running up credit-card bills, telling Britain's The Mail newspaper that Gibson "is not paying me a penny. Nothing."

Gibson, 54, also got physical with Grigorieva during a Jan. 6 confrontation and knocked her teeth out, according a report on TMZ.

The couple has a 9-month-old daughter, Lucia. Their relationship busted up Gibson's marriage.

"What he is doing is cruelty," said Grigorieva, 40, who has a restraining order against Gibson.

"He didn't dump me. I left him. I rescued my children and myself," she told the newspaper.

Gibson's rep declined comment.

Jacked from NY Post


Anonymous said...

He didn't dump me. I left him. I rescued my children and myself... Yeah I bet that is the case now after you take a man from his family and now that you got the monster full time know U are recued yourself..

Anonymous said...

I wonder what she was thinking? You disrespect his wife and their marriage!Declare pregnancy as if to confirm your sucsess. What her dumb ass failed to include in her blueprint was this: (1)You didnt take him bitch he was already ready to leave! (2)Before you have the baby to seal your deal do extensive resarch, such as was his wife really a bitch or is there something wrong with his ass!(3)Last but not least when you get caught up with the ass whole remain focused and never I repeat never mainly focus your plan of destruction soley on the wife or the bullshit he told you!!! Then you wont end up like this dumb ass ho!

Anonymous said...

LOL@ this guy leaving his 30 year marriage with a woman who obviously stood by him through thick and thin to hook up with this trollop who has a history of dating famous men. She's set for life now Mad Max. I hope the cooter was worth it.

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