Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What's the Deal with Meagan Fox's Quicky Wedding?

Meagan Fox got married because she's insecure.

We’re not at ALL surprised that Megan Fox suddenly decided to marry Brian Austin Green. (A tiny ceremony, June 24, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hawaii.) Gorgeous Megan seems to have lost all her self-confidence and she took the easy and safe way out. She was madly in love with her Transformers costar Shia LaBeouf, but that didn’t work out, and she returned to her longtime BF Brian. It was a shock when she lost her lucrative Transformers 3 job so easily and was REPLACED so quickly by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Then her movie “Jonah Hex” flopped miserably last week. It was all too much – the insecure Megan grabbed her life support – the reliable Brian, who’s more than willing to take care of her.

Jacked from Janet Charlton


Anonymous said...


Follow me

Bonanza said...

*crickets indeed.

Career= Contra death sound.

Anonymous said...

"*crickets indeed.

Career= Contra death sound."

bwhahahahahahahahahahahaha! not the Contra death sound.

Anonymous said...

Hell she insulted the director of the movie. No wonder she lost her job.

Anonymous said...

Guess those 90210 residuals are no joke.

Anonymous said...

^^ co-sign @ 9:10

She had her little 15 min and decided to become a diva when a few other offers started coming in. What a dumb ass! Every thing has fizzled for her now. All she really had working for her was looks anyway. Poor guy she married was a rebounder---and it won't last.

Anonymous said...

He's sleeping with one of the sexiest women in the world. Yeah poor guy lol

Anonymous said...

I think her new man is giving her that good d*ck. She was photo. a few years ago grabbing his crotch. Also look at their faces in the above pic. They have that "we just had some great sex" glow to them

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