Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bones Star sued for Sexual Harassment

David Boreanaz is in trouble with his wife AGAIN.

Bones star David Boreanaz, who has been caught in two extramarital affairs, is now being sued for sexual harassment by an actress, has learned exclusively.

The lawsuit will be filed at 11 am PT Thursday in downtown Los Angeles by powerhouse attorney Gloria Allred. The actress will be with Allred when the papers are filed.

As revealed, Boreanaz had an affair with Tiger Woods’ mistress Rachel Uchitel. Earlier this year, Boreanaz admitted to a different affair and said the unnamed woman was trying to extort money from him.

That woman hired Allred. It is not known if she is the woman filing the lawsuit Thursday.

Boreanaz and his wife Jaime Bergman have stayed together and tried to work through their marital issues, even after the actor made his public admission about an affair.

Bergman’s mother Sue told earlier this year that the family still is behind David. “It’s not just David and Jaime that want to work through this, it’s everyone that knows and loves them,” Sue told “That’s what family is.”

Before going public with his cheating confession Boreanaz confessed to his mother-in-law who told that he was very “remorseful.”

“I don’t know what went wrong, but David is a nice person,” she said. “He’s had a great upbringing and he’s got great parents too.”

Bergman and Boreanaz have two children.

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