Thursday, July 22, 2010

Inmates Complaining About Lindsay's Special Treatment

Lindsay Lohan is about to start a prison riot.
It looks like Lindsay Lohan's jailhouse honeymoon is over.

A day after inmates cheered her arrival, some prisoners are already grousing about the "Mean Girls" actress.

Even though officials have insisted Lohan is treated like everyone else - beyond getting her own cell - rumors flew that the star is enjoying perks.

"She's getting special treatment. Some inmates were getting pissy over it," Debra Sickels, 30, said as she was released after doing 19 days for shoplifting.

Sickels said that during her stint, she was in the infirmary every day for medical treatment, "and the girls said they cleaned a special room for Lindsay. It had a regular hospital bed, a TV and a dresser for her new clothes and socks."

Other just-sprung inmates said they heard Lohan was paying for special food and new clothes and had a female guard at her disposal and access to a private phone.

"She's being treated like any other inmate in her classification. There's no special treatment at all," said Los Angeles sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore.

The "Freaky Friday" star was jailed Tuesday to serve a 90-day sentence for violating her probation by missing a string of alcohol education classes this year.

When she arrived in handcuffs and tears, prisoners yelled out her name and shouted, "God bless you!"

Lohan is expected to serve as little as two weeks because of good behavior and jail overcrowding.

On LiLo's second day behind bars, defense lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley stopped by for an hour-long visit, but didn't answer questions. Later in the day, Lohan's mom, Dina, and kid sister Ali showed up.

An exiting inmate said the jail was put on an hour lockdown for the visit.

"I sat there for four hours waiting to get released because of her," said Sharell Gaines, 30, a Watts resident who spent a week in jail for traffic tickets. "They put us on lockdown and told us not to look. It's discrimination. She's a criminal, just like me." claimed that LiLo was given permission to take some prescription drugs while behind bars: the stimulant Adderall to treat attention deficit disorder and the sleeping pill Ambien.

Like all other inmates, she can spend up to $135 a week in the commissary for munchies like Spicy Velveeta Refried Beans, Spam, Kit Kat candy bars and Country Time Raspberry Lemonade, said.

Jacked from NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

Unless she cleans up her act she is gonna be just another sorry ass white actress that got caught up in the "LIFE"! Hold her accountable just like you do everyone else that breaks the law and maybe she'll straighten up. Holding her hand and treating her like a "STAR" won't do a thing for her. Can someone say "REALITY CHECK"???

Anonymous said...

word up to Sharrell, Lindsay is a CRIMINAL!

Anonymous said...

Ms.Lohan is a criminal just like the rest of the numbers in that jail. So why is she being treated different? This is why celebrities think they can get away with murder ( and some do) because we allow that mess to happen. Lock her ass down, and let her serve her 14 days.

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