Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Partying Paris taunts Lindsay for being locked up.
Perpetual party girl and socialite Paris Hilton has shot down claims that she flashed a Nazi salute while bopping on a luxury yacht.

The heirhead's been living it large and partying in true Hilton style in St Tropez over the past few weeks. She's been snapped on a series of champagne-fuelled nights, popping her Cristal corks and showing us 'less moneyed' people how to put the bitch it rich.

Suck it up, peasants. If you're lucky she might gargle some and spit it out for you later.

Witnessing the extravagant booze-fest at the exclusive annual La Voile Rouge party, a snitch says: "Paris turned up with her entourage and within minutes the champagne was flowing - mostly all over the floor. She was gargling with it and spitting mouthfuls over people while dancing on tables."

See, I told you.

She was also overheard at the party musing over her frenemy Lindsay Lohan, who's currently doing bird in the slammer in Los Angeles.

"I wonder what Lindsay [Lohan] is up to right now," Hilton said as she swigged back the champers, and her sycophantic mates guffawed at her catty humor.

Jacked from The New Zealand Hearld


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I would've beat her drunk ass, celebrity or not, you spit on me I'll put ya ass to sleep!!!

Anonymous said...

Bitch was you not in jail years ago crying your eyes out?Coke whore

Anonymous said...

Spitting? Now that's one reason for my ass to be locked up abroad. That bitch must be out of her mind.

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Yea but race are these nit wits she spit on? White!!! Most of them white people are into getting spit on, pissed on, shit on, vomited on, and etc... Their some freaks with no fucking limits and shame.

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