Saturday, July 31, 2010

Engagement Off!

Bristol Palin finds out about Levi Johnston's baby on the side and calls the whole thing off.

Ex marks the breakup spot for Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston.

The 19-year-old mom called off her second engagement to her baby daddy last week following a fight over one of his ex-girlfriends, a source close to the couple tells E! News.

They must have been on pretty shaky footing already, because the thorn in Bristol's side wasn't even the ex who turned up pregnant this week, but some other girl!

While Lanesia Garcia was outed by the National Enquirer as Levi's possible second baby mama, our source—along with Levi's lawyer—insists that Garcia herself has admitted that the Playgirl poser is not the father of her unborn child.

"Lanesia and Levi have dated off and on over the past few years but he's not the father of that baby," says the source. "Lanesia's other ex boyfriend is the father. She's not the reason [Bristol and Levi] broke it off."

Instead, it was Levi's other ex, Briana Plum, who put a hitch in Bristol's wedding plans.

"There was an interview with her and Bristol wasn't happy about some of the things said," the source tells E! News. "There was also some picture on Facebook of him and Briana and Bristol just said, ‘Let's hold off on the engagement.' "

Neither Paln nor Johnston have publicly commented on their latest split.

The parents of 19-month-old Tripp landed on the cover of Us Weekly last month with news of their rekindled romance and there was even talk about shopping a reality show featuring their young family.

Well, all that was never well probably won't end well the second time, either.

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Anonymous said...

I don't believe they were actually engaged to being with. It was an attempt to clean up the public image of her mother who I am sure is probably going to run for prez *shudder* in 2012. It was all just for publicity.

Anonymous said...

The trailer park mentality of the whole group means Bristol going right back. If Ol' girl Palin wasn't in the media, these bitches would be on Maury in few months.

Anonymous said...

Is this really called off because of a recent POLL rating ask whether anyone was interested in watching a Reality show about their bullshit life? and 80% of people replied "HELL NO". Bristol knew about that damn baby before yesterday. silly Ho.

Anonymous said...

Isn't anyone wondering how the hell her and her dumbass mama are still relevant? If this was anybody else, they would be pushed under a couch cushion by now.

Anonymous said...

I am convinced Palin didn't want to win the whitehouse. She wanted to split the vote. To help NOT make B. Obama win.

What does Todd do besides looking like a simpleton?

Anonymous said...

Is lanesa black?
Where are pics the alleged baby mother

Anonymous said...

they were not together when he made this other kid.. i guess she expected him not to fuck while they were apart.. yes he could have used a condom but come on bristol.. i believe her mama tried to force him to marry her daughter.. she let them lay up in her home and fuck and as soon as she got knocked mama was talking about they were getting married.. that was a cover while she was on the campaign trail.. they may have gotten back together and got engaged.. that could be true.. Levi better wear a hate.. he's a young man i bet that sperm is powerful...

Anonymous said...

The above is Todd's sisters blog. Read what she has to say regarding the baby.

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