Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mariah's First Public Outing Since Pregnancy Rumors

Does this mean we'll finally get to see Mariah Carey's baby bump?
The diva comes to Brazil with a team that includes a masseuse and physical therapist. In total, 40 people will accompany Mariah Carey for her Brazil show

The organization's Cowboy Festival Aid Association is mobilizing a large operation so that the whole structure of the stage, sound and lighting meet the needs of American singer Mariah Carey who will perform a show at the Cowboy Festival in Barretos on August 21. A scenario was developed exclusively for the show which is scheduled to last for 1½ hours.

"We will build on stage two bases to support the platform for the dancers, drums and percussion that are four meters in height and 4 x 4 in diameter," explains director Cassio Leite. "Mariah will also perform on this platform. Entrance will be below the structure."

Also on stage will be three exchangers for a total of 50 square meters, intended for dancers, ballet dancers and the singer. Mariah and her team, consisting of 38 people between backing singers, dancers, physical therapist, masseuse and musicians, will occupy all available space in the dressing room known inside the Cowboy Park, as Casa dos Artistas.

The list of requirements for the dressing rooms also begins to be provided next week. One is that the air conditioning temperature must be unique in all environments. Various decorative items are also described in the requests. Premises for the offices shall be equipped with internet, phone and notebook.

Even with the special operation, Cassio Leite recalls that the infrastructure available at Cowboy Park is the same for all shows. "Mariah's team has already checked everything and we're building; and we met all the requirements of its production. They should only bring major musical intruments like drums and keyboards."

Mariah's team will arrive in Brazil on August 18. Mariah is expected to arrive either Aug. 19th or 20th via her own plane from Los Angeles to Sao Paulo, then to Barretos.

The company hired by the Cowboy Festival to offer sound is the Sound of Gabi, responsible for events like Rock in Rio Lisbon and Madrid. "The company is one of the three best in the world and fortunately is Brazilian," says Leite.

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Anonymous said...

Umm, so...Let's be real, Mariah and her tight ass, ill fitting, age inappropriate dressing self is a so-the-fuck-what for me!!! 90's Mariah all day, but present day retard Mariah, can I get a refund on my itunes CD download of her most recent CD please...NEXT!

Anonymous said...

@326....priceless commnets!!!

Anonymous said...

mariah carey deserveds all that she work very hard all her life i would like to say that she needs to had a baby already so her life could be complete i wish her the best

Anonymous said...

i'm so happy for her baby our no baby she will never change she will still be number one in my heart love you mariah!!! :)

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