Friday, July 30, 2010

Jessica Biel Living Check to Check

Jessica Biel is just like the rest of us. [yeah, right]

Bombshell JESSICA BIEL lives like most Americans -- from pay check to pay check-- and now she hasn't worked ALL YEAR!

Welcome to the real world, Jess.

"Since I was so young when I started I didn't think about (money)," Jessica confessed to Radio 1 England.

"I just liked it, it was fun. But as I got older and started to become an adult and then had to get a car and have to pay for insurance and all those things... it's a huge worry.

"For example, I haven't worked at all this year. I haven't made a film so I haven't had a pay check and I won't do anything until September and I don't know if I'll do anything after.

"It's always up in the air constantly. My life is very much a question mark when the next pay check is coming in and even when it seems like you make enough money, you sometimes don't know when the next check is coming in."

Hey, you're the one that wanted to be a movie star. You coulda been an animal veterinarian. You can always ask BF JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE for a loaner if need be.

Jacked from National Enquirer


Anonymous said...

Living paycheck to paycheck? Maybe by Hollywood's standards. . but like the rest of "us"? FUCK OUTTA HERE :rollseyes:

Anonymous said...

You better get JT to put a ring on it if you're that pressed about it. Oh yea...CHILD PLEASE!! I agree with post 1:14pm.

Anonymous said...

Okay she hasnt worked all year and the bish aint hungry or homeless naw she aint like the rest of us, put a sock in it Biel

Anonymous said...

I just don't find her that attractive.

Anonymous said...

dont think she'd have a problem making money if she contuinues to wrk that grey bodyhuggin dress she have on. lawd. I know nuff peeps that have no problem throwing money her way. notice i said throw money? lol

Anonymous said...

Sounds like she'd better get knocked up by some up and coming celeb - that's at least 18 years worth of a check.

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