Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get any Worse

Simon Monjack's mom tried to evict Brittany Murphy's mom from Brittany's house, believing her son had left it to her, like it was his to give. She was so wrong.
So, if your son just died, what would be the first thing you would do? Would you be able to do anything or would you be grieving? Well, if you are Linda Monjack, you start drooling and seeing dollar signs in your head. Almost immediately after Simon died, Linda tried to kick Sharon Murphy out of Brittany's house. Linda was under the impression that Linda owned it now. Apparently she was devastated that she did not.

However, I am pretty sure she is not hurting for cash. Brittany Murphy's business manager told Kneepads that since Brittany died, Simon drained about 80% of the money from the bank accounts.

"There were huge amounts of money in [Brittany's] pension plan and bank account , and all of that's gone. I would see it on the statements. There was money being withdrawn by Simon, hundreds of thousands."

Who knew Brittany had that much? It sounds like she had a good business manager. He said that after Brittany married Simon he did not really ever get to see her or even talk to her because Simon controlled access to her and also cut off her cell phone. Everything had to go through him.

As for the hundreds of thousands of dollars? Well, this is what Linda Monjack said. "If there is money missing I have no idea where it is. He didn't get much, maybe a few hundred dollars, and he paid off his debts with it. He was spending his time crying his eyes out most of the time. He was in a terrible state."

Umm, how is it possible his debts were just a few hundred bucks? I bet Linda has an idea where the hundreds of thousands of dollars is. I bet no one goes looking for it though.

Jacked from Crazy Days and Nights


Anonymous said...

His mom sounds like a crazy crack skank who may have killed her son. What happen to him anyway, forgot????

Anonymous said...

Mama sounds like him. Then again, apple don't fall far from the tree. Agreed, his bills were more than a few hundred dollars.

How these women turn over their entire lives to these sorry ass men.

Brittany mom raised her and paid for all the acting lessons etc. and all she'll get is that damn house, which may have a mortgage on it. Damn!

Anonymous said...

he looks like a sweet swindler. no, surprise here. walking like a duck and talking like a duck. i forget the name of the movie that brittany starred with dakota fanning. i still can watch it over and over again. I may buy is on dvd. REST IN PEACE, BABY GIRL!!!

Anonymous said...

they were drug addicts.. there's no love stronger than drug addict love..also brittany was the voice of luanne on king of the hill and that was and still is a popular show so hell yeah she had money stashed.. both died from anemia and some other shit but both died from the same illnesses.. i believe the drugs caused the illness in both..

Anonymous said...

@8:50 the movie was Uptown Girls :) I love that money too!

I've thought for a long time that Brittany's death involved Simon and his mother, and of course the drugs too.

Anonymous said...

Her son didn't bring anthing to the relationship so what made her think she could just take it?

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