Thursday, July 29, 2010

Levi Johnston has a Baby on the Way?

And it's not Bristol Palin's? Scandalicious.

SARAH PALIN's future son-in-law LEVI JOHNSTON is embroiled in a NEW baby scandal, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

In the wake of handsome Levi Johnston's announcement that he's engaged to Palin's oldest daughter Bristol, one of his old girlfriends is about to give birth to a child she believes may be Levi's!

During his breakup from 19-year-old Bristol, after she gave birth to their son Tripp, Levi briefly reunited with his old girlfriend Lanesia Garcia, The ENQUIRER has learned.

During that time, she became pregnant - and believes Levi could be the daddy!
Jacked from The National Enquirer 


Anonymous said...

These people could have been in the white house. WOW. More drama here than in pine valley and port Charles put together. What a joke these people are.

BronxStateOfMind said...

SO? if he was single at the time, so in the mean time in the between time he got it off with another female, it happens, if he went behind her back, ok then he is an ass, but he didn't cheat.

I swear if that girl's mother wasn't who she is, this would just show up in next months Trailer Park Times


malika said...

i'm sorry, but she's got brown hair and blue eyes and so does levi. so where exactly does the blonde hair and blue eyed baby come in?

and bronx, where have you been?!

Anonymous said...

If parents both have a recessive gene for blond hair, there's a (25%?) chance their child will be blond.

B = Brown
b = Blonde

Bb + Bb = bb

Or the child could eventually become a brunette as they grow up. Some white people were born blonde but their hair got darker as they got older for some reason.

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