Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Will Probably Only Do 14 Days in Jail

Due to overcrowding, and as long as she behaves, Lindsay Lohan will be out of jail in about 2 weeks.
LINDSAY LOHAN will serve just two weeks behind bars if she's a good girl.

The actress surrendered to authorities and began a 90-day sentence for violating parole at Lynwood Correctional Facility on Tuesday morning (20Jul10), but Los Angeles Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore has revealed she could just serve 13 days.

He maintains that it's the policy of the County jail system to release non-violent misdemeanour offenders early due to severe overcrowding.

Lohan's expected release date is 1 or 2 August (10).

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Anonymous said...

It's really sad. That guhl needs to spend THE ENTIRE time in jail. She has so many problems and she needs that time to reflect on her life, and get some real help.

Bonanza said...

Celebrities get so much privilege. It's just like saying, "Lindsay, you were a bad girl. You have to spend 10 minutes in time out, but due to blah blah blah, you only have to serve 45 seconds."

Complete BS.

Anonymous said...

Ain't that a bitch! Your average Joe will get years in prison, where this train wreck only gets two fucking weeks!!!!!! Come on now, she needs to take responsibility for her retarded actions. She needs help, not 15 seconds in prison; that's like being given time out.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will ever be done to this dope addict. She can basically get away with anything. Blonde little white girls get a tap on the wrist....paris hilton anybody???!! Just look at what happened to Dana Plato of different strokes. The system kept letting her slide, even after she tried to rob a store to support her habit. Nobody intervened b/c she had the complexion for the connection and look what happened to her.

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