Thursday, July 29, 2010

Paris Denies Being Paid to Party

Paris Hilton says she did not receive $1 million to party with a Malaysian tycoon. My question is: Who asked?
Paris Hilton denies she's been paid $1 million to party with mysterious billionaire Jho Low in St. Tropez. Despite rampant rumors on the French Riviera that the big-spending Malaysian was paying Hilton to have her lounge topless on his yacht and spray champagne with him at spots including exclusive club Les Caves du Roy, her rep said: "They are friends. Jho has invited Paris and her sister, Nicky, out to St. Tropez as friends. He has not paid her in any way, although he is extremely generous."

Jacked from Page Six


Anonymous said...

Who the heLL cares. I'll go and party for half that. NEXT.

BronxStateOfMind said...

He (and she) did it for the attention; she did her usual freeloading off of rich people thing; trust that if he wanted a better looking whore to service the penis he could have gotten one at a cheaper price with a better body; dude like him fuck with her to up THEIR profile in their personal/professional life in a part of the world where hanging with her means something, rather than in the U.S. where people will just ask you after ur done with her "did you get herpes?"


Anonymous said...

Answer: Rampant rumors on the French Riviera.

Anonymous said...

I believe her.

She acts like a drunken herpes having slutty whore for FREE!

Anonymous said...

she gets 300k appearance fee, because the people want to see her and party with her... see makes the blogs... i personally dont see her as anything but a spoiled trust fund what is 1 mil to a billionaire to get his name in the papers and on the blogs ?

Anonymous said...

please dont forget she is a racist google it the video tapes from the locker had her an sis singing the n word an other off color songs so sad you care about her

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