Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rockers Tease Jay for Toting Around a Toilet

Jay Z has been playing the outdoor music festival circuit in Europe for the past 2 years and he's been bringing along his own portable toilet.

Rockers Kasabian were amazed to learn Jay-Z takes his own toilet roll to festivals.
Jay-Z takes his own toilet roll everywhere with him.

The '99 Problems' hitmaker stunned fellow T in the Park performers Kasabian at the Scottish festival recently when they spotted him backstage, and the 'Fire' rockers now claim they will only feel famous when they get to the same level of access to luxury items.

Kasabian singer Tom Meighan revealed: "The reason Kasabian aren't as big as Jay-Z yet? We need to have our own festival toilet paper

"I noticed at T that he had a huge circus around him, his own toilet and his own toilet paper.

"That's what we're aiming for next. Our own loo roll and then we'll know we're massive."

Jay-Z - who caused controversy when he became the first hip-hop artist to headline the world-famous Glastonbury festival in 2008 - has previously admitted he finds performing at multi-artist shows a "challenge."

He said: "At festivals, some people are there to see you, some people are there to see the act before you, some people have no idea who you are. So how do you take that audience of all those different people and make them focus on one point? That's the challenge."

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Anonymous said...

I can't blame him for having his own toilet. Have you seen some of those outside bathrooms? You could catch and STD just by holding the door handle. NO THANK YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

How do they know he doesn't have chrones disease or some other gastric issue. Maybe he spends a lot of time on the toilet. I went to a music festival in Chicago last month and tried to wait it out instead of using a porto-potty. Ended up running my ass to it and then you can't really hold your breath like you normally would in a portopot. Just nasty and rank. On top of all that there wasn't any toilet paper maybe that's why J brings his own.

Anonymous said...

whatever hes a high maintenance bitch what do u exepect from mr big pimpin just like p diddy his heads so far up his own ass they both prob own ppl to even wipe their asses with their special branded louis vitton toilet paper...Pathetic.

And for all u ppl thinkin that the artists are using the same porti-potties as the concert they get their own clean ones usually backstage u dont need to BRING ur own cause ur ass is that special toilets are provided and usually the artists ones are not as dirty since the rest of the public arent using em.

Anonymous said...

This is the difference between a nigguh like Jay Z and a nigguh like 2Pac. If Pac was alive this nigguh would still be in Marcy cuz Pac woulda came at him and finished him off.

Anonymous said...

So what he can. Listen idiot, 9:23, Pac understood he needed to change. Pac acted that way cause Suge told him to. He paid a million for his release and Pac was never the same.

Anonymous said...

There are things you have to do when you have a regular job, like use the office bathroom and there are things you don't have to do when you are wealthy like use the office bathroom. I can't blame the guy at all. Plus European dudes hygiene isn't the best.

Anonymous said...

wow, 12:43 I was in europe and I can agree. Some need a stick-up.

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